How to apply False Eyelashes for beginners

If you are new to applying false eyelashes this is the place for you! Don’t worry we’ve all been there, putting on false eyelashes can seem impossible. You are literally given glue and told to put it on your EYE! That is why we are giving you the only 3 steps you need to achieve the best false eyelash look as a beginner.

Measure and cut fake lashes

Step 1: Measure and Cut the Lashes


I knowit may be hard to cut some beautiful lashes you just purchased.This is why our1-2-3 Lash Kit is perfect for beginners: it comes with every tool you need plusthree sets of lashes at an affordable pricethat won’t make you cry if you mess up.  ButTRUST ME it will make applying lashes that much easier.Place the lashes on your eye,measure the lashes and cut the excess off.This will help ensure the lash is properly aligned to your eye and does not pop off immediately after the first blink (IYKYK).

Apply False Eyelash glue



Now it is time to apply the glue. Grab the glue your eyelashes came with or you purchased separately and apply an even amount on the back of the lashes. I recommend beginners to use glue with a brush to avoid big goops of glue that will make your lashes look bumpy.The best eyelash extension glue for beginners is Vera Mona’s quick drying eyelash extension glue that includes its very own brush. As a bonus tip once you brush the glue evenly along the lashes, kiss the ends together for a couple of seconds to evenly apply glue on the sides to keep your lashes from popping up.

Place False Eyelashes



Congratulations you made it to the last step! Now it’s time to actually place the lashes on your eye! Place the mirror perpendicular so you are naturally looking down when applying the lashes, this will help you see if your eyelashes are lined up with your natural eye line. I find many people struggle to apply lashes with their hands because they are either too shaky, the eyelash extension glue gets all over their fingers, or the eyelash extensions are too thin to hold. Therefore I recommend you use eyelash extension tweezers to apply the lashes onto your eye for a cleaner and easier application. That is why Vera Mona’s 1-2-3 Lash Kit is the best beginner lash kit because it provides an eyelash extension tweezer to help beginners achieve a perfect application.

All in all putting on false eyelash extensions is not hard with the right tools! The 1-2-3 Lash Kit not only provides the perfect tools and the perfect amount of quality false eyelashes but it also includes INSTRUCTIONS similar to these to make sure your eyelash application journey is a smooth one.

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