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Original Creators of Color Switch®

Innovating Beauty™

Jeffree Star

"...if anyone out there has tried this, if you have, GIRL you know what I'm talking about."

Tati Westbrook

" I think this is great, I'd definitely say this is an A+ product..."

Tamanna Roashan

"This is an Instant Brush Cleaner that will make your beauty routine sooooo much easier."

Manny MUA

"Ok guys so final verdict on this Vera Mona Cake and Bake Sponge, what do I think about it? I honestly think that I love it!"


The story behind the invention of Color Switch® came from the frustration of using multiple brushes when applying eye shadow. There wasn't a product that allowed me to instantly clean my favorite brushes. I started cutting up sponges to make a prototype and right in the garage of our home, my husband and I brought Color Switch to life. It has now become the "game changer" in makeup accessories.

LETTY CALVO founder/ceo

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