Have you been looking for an easy eyebrows tutorial to achieve the perfect brows? There are a bunch of brow products on the market and it can be confusing to figure out what they are all for and which you need. Lucky for you the Vera Mona 1-2-3 Brow Kit contains all the essential items you need to achieve the perfect brows. Watch the video below of our company CEO Letty Calvo creating the perfect brows with the Vera Mona 1-2-3 Brow Kit.

Step 1 Trim your Brows

Trimming your brows will help keep the brows from looking overgrown and look more symmetrical.

We know not everyone has bushy eyebrows and may not need this step. But having an eyebrow trimmer is helpful to trim long eyebrow hairs that may fall out of the desired shape. 

Step 2 Tweeze your Brows

Using the convenient tweezers in the Vera Mona Brow Kit you can easily pluck those stray hairs that grow outside your desired shape.

As a tip to numb the pain, apply ice to your brows for a short amount of time before plucking.

Step 3 Fill your brows

Using the iconic purple and white Vera Mona eyebrow brush to apply your favorite eyebrow pomade or gel.

To apply a gel use the spooly side to brush and fill your brows. To apply pomade, place the brush side on your desired pomade color and fill in your brows within the desired shape. It is okay to wipe and start over. We all do it.

1-2-3 Brow Kit

Thanks to the Vera Mona 1-2-3 Brow Kit all your eyebrow essentials are in one kit making it easy to achieve perfect brows at the perfect price. Plus helpful instructions to guide you, there is no other brow product on the market!

Achieve the perfect brow look today with theVera Mona 1-2-3 Brow kit!