Content Marketing Internship - Vera Mona

Vera Mona is a beauty company whose mission is to elevate the beauty routine and help every women remove their fear of pursuing their passion in life. As a latinx women I wanted to inspire all women alike to take a chance at their dreams. That is why this internship will be more than an internship it will be an opportunity to enter the realm of marketing allowing you to figure out where your strengths are, and be able to grow being surrounded by industry professionals.

This internship is a great way to get guidance from career professionals who were once in your shoes and can help you find the right career path for you. We are looking for someone eager to help their career grow after college, someone who is not only looking for experience but the opportunity to learn and take hold of opportunities to advance their career. Does this sound like you?

Job Description:

  • Write a monthly blog using provided SEO keywords
  • Write monthly newsletters 
  • Collaborate and help write email flows
  • Collaborate on content ideas (TikTok, Reels, website content)
  • Help kickstart our ambassador program
  • Help text others on SMS text platform


  • Pursuing a degree
  • Interest in Marketing
  • Eager to find the right career path


  • School Credit
  • Possible bonuses/commission on sales
  • Flexible Schedule (Work on your own time)
  • Remote - US based


Jump start your career, learn from industry professionals, grow your experience, earn commission, work from anywhere at anytime... shall I go on? You can experience these all these perks!