Color Switch®

Our customers love it!


I've been watching influencers say they use this. I decided to try it out. It's so worth it. It really does work... it's easier to wipe brush in this and the color comes out. Instead of using a lot of brushes. Really convenient.

Selva Cavazos

...I was using my hand and tissues to clean brushes to reuse them. The Color Switch is a game changer. No more messy hands or endless tissues wasted. So effective. So easy to clean. This thing rocks.

Julia Williams

This is a genius product. I did not even know something like this existed but now I so happy to have found it. It's one of those products that you don't know you need until you get it and begin using it.


5 STARS.. this is an AMAZING PRODUCT.... Don't look for a dupe, get the real deal. It is durable, you can clean it and it is just an amazing product.

J. Miller

LOVE this! ,who woulda thought!
I tend to use 2 of my favorite It brushes for my entire shadow look,so i constantly have to wipe it on a tissues,this saves time and works 100% better!
WOOHOOOOO! Very pleased.

Color Switch®

No Lie you can

Instantly Remove makeup from your brushes

The Color Switch is a dry cleaner no need for spray soap or water.

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The only instant brush cleaner on the market with a long lasting durable sponge. Don't ever dirty your perfect bath towel or your hand or your pretty makeup bag again!

Color Switch®
What size is best?

Clean your brushes instantly with the Color Switch® Sponge on the go! We offer three different sizes, the original, the duo (for a wet application) and the mini to take with you anywhere you go! Find which one is right for you.

Even Jefree Star Loves it!

No more messy routine

Just think about the money and time you'll save not having to unnecessarily dirty your pretty bath towels or spend 10 minutes trying to wash all the makeup you put on your hands and arms. No more messy tissues just swipe against the sponge and have an instant clean!